Are You Serious Sixx?

nikkisixxswedenrockcoverDisgusted! Disgusted, disappointed, confused, sad and pissed off! That is how I felt after reading the latest interview with Nikki Sixx in the latest issue of Sweden Rock Magazine. I was dumbfounded, what? Seriously? The letters “WTF?” were created for this exact moment.

I have been a loud and proud CRUEHEAD since the moment I was introduced to the band back in 1983. My first ever concert ever was MotleyCrue/Accept on June 10th of 1984 on the Shout at the Devil Tour. From that night forward Nikki Sixx was my Rock Hero, he is the reason I chose the bass guitar when my high school buddies decided to become a band. For thirty-three years, I have been a dedicated and loyal Cruehead and I have seen the Crue 13 times during that time. I loved Sixx‘s side projects, his 58 project was killer. Brides of Destruction blew my mind and the first Sixx A.M. record still gives me goosebumps. Suffice it to say a small portion of Sixx‘s empire was funded from my humble wages and I don’t regret a penny spent, the music and memories will live with me forever.

sr3When Motley Crue announced the split with Vince, I was devastated. The Crue were my band! They were a gang, standing strong against the world and now they were broken. I was pissed and was very skeptical to hear someone else step into the vocal spot in “my band”! “Hooligan’s Holiday” was the first track I would hear via the video when it was released prior to the album. It was like a punch in the face, heavy as shit and so, so good! It was not the party band that Crue was with Vince, it was totally different but it was every bit as Motley as the opening riff of “Live Wire”. The self-titled ’94 Motley Crue is a freight train of an album, twelve tracks of relentless, paint peeling hard rock. This was the new Motley Crue and I was all in!

Let’s be honest here, there are a number of reasons that the 94′ album failed commercially. Record label politics certainly played a role. The changing musical landscape known as grunge played a role as anything 80’s became suddenly uncool. Lastly, if we are going to be completely honest here, narrow-minded Motley Crue fans also played a role in the album’s poor sales. Many, simply refused to accept the change and whined and moaned and cried about it until it became “financially” damaging for Motley Crue to evolve without bringing Vince back. The rest is history and although I didn’t necessarily agree with their decisions, I continued to support both Motley and also John Corabi‘s career.

Fast forward to the here and now and I am reading Nikki Sixx claim how the recording sessions for the ’94 album were “painful” for him? “I think it was a very unfocused record. It was painful for me because John Corabi can’t write lyrics, and I had to do all that work. It was the first time I ever had to work with somebody that wanted to participate sr2in the lyrics,” Sixx is quoted as saying. “And my standard is so high that it was just … it was so hard, it took months. He was a nice enough guy, but he just didn’t have that fire, and it was hard for me.”  Are you serious Sixx? You sound like Justin Bieber whining like a little bitch. This is also an interesting rewrite of history, I dug up an old video interview from 22 years ago where you Nikki stated “Me and John wrote all the lyrics together. It was a real nice experience for me because in the past I had to do it all myself, it was cool” So you can understand my confusion here. My question now is, were you full of shit 22 years ago or are you just full of shit now? Then again I suppose it doesn’t really matter when, I suppose it matters more that you are…. Full of shit!

I find it puzzling that although you claim John can’t write lyrics”, that “he didn’t have that fire” and that it was “painful” working with him yet in 2002 you recruited him to work together in the first incarnation of Brides of Destruction? I would think he would be that last person you would have called based on how you claim to have felt.

On the other side, I have met John Corabi twice. The second time, I was fortunate to have had the chance to interview him for He was quite possibly the nicest, most down to earth and gracious musician I have ever had the pleasure to interview. He shared countless stories and is incredibly thankful to have been a small part of Motley Crue‘s history. He takes time with his fans, appreciates all that he has and admits that his time in Motley opened the doors to continue a career doing what he loves. John Corabi is the embodiment of everything I respect in a Rock Star.

Oh, and one more thing, looking back I mentioned that after the commercial disaster of the ’94 album that it was “financially” damaging to move forward without Vince. It was Nikki that sr5ultimately made the decision to bring Vince back into the fold and if you want to discuss unfocused albums, dare I mention Generation Swine. For someone who built his career giving the establishment the middle finger, he easily bowed down to record company pressure lest it negatively affect his future income.

So after reading Sixx bash the ’94 album and then throw personal insults at Corabi, I can’t help but ask why? How does this help Sixx in any way? Is he jealous that guitarist Mick Mars called Corabi and not him to work with on his upcoming solo album? Did his precious ego get so bruised that he felt the need to lash out 22 years later? Please respond and let me understand this because I have to say, in one little paragraph in one stupid interview you Mr. Sixx have destroyed the rock hero pedestal that I have kept you on for over 30 years. Douche! Somebody turn up the new Dead Daisies album!

Source Crue Interview 1994 quote taken from the 1:45 mark.

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