Profits > Human Life


As a forty-six year old Canadian man, I was a child in the 70’s, a teen through the 80’s and an “adult” (although some may argue) for the last 2 and a half decades now. I generally consider myself to be fairly “non-political”. In no way does this mean ignorance, it means over the last 25 years or so I have observed and become so disenfranchised with the state of affairs in both my country and also with my neighbours to the South that I simply can’t dedicate any loyalty to any of the political parties that are offered before me. Every time someone comes along that I feel might make a difference, I have been disappointed. The past few elections in my country, Federal, Provincial and even Municipal have been an exercise in “which Candidate will do the least damage?”. As I look South of the border, I can’t even fathom having the choice in the Hillary/Trump circus and that one of them will actually be poised to become your next President. It’s truly frightening.

Big business and corporate greed are what run both of our countries. This is why nothing ever really changes, and why nothing is ever going to change. Advances in the treatment of diseases are a threat to the billions of dollars of profit made each day by the big pharmaceutical companies. Advances in eco-friendly fuels and alternative energies that could actually improve our environment are a threat to the billions of dollars of profit made each day by the oil companies. Advances in the “war on terrorism” is a threat to the billions of dollars of profit that are made each day by the arms manufacturers. The super rich or the “1%” as they are referred to are not about to sacrifice their lifestyle and possess the more than enough means to “influence” those with any real power to make change. So “influence” they do, without a care to their communities, their country or to the world that they live in. The “bottom line” is the only god that they serve.


The current hot topic in response to Orlando’s recent mass shooting is of course “gun control”. It really doesn’t matter whether or not this was an act of terrorism, a hate crime, a jealous rage, a mentally deranged lunatic, a disgruntled employee, a religious cult or a severe case of road rage. Fact remains that someone with a gun erased the lives of 50 people and shattered the lives of their friends, families and loved ones. I understand the whole Second Amendment and your right to bear arms. A constitutional right that was drawn up almost 225 years ago in a completely different world but this is not a pro gun control or anti gun control piece. I have watched and observed the countless Hatfield-McCoy conversations that have been fought all over social media and my intent is not to start another “don’t touch my guns” thread.

The fact is big business and corporate greed are once again there to ensure that your precious guns remain exactly where they are. In fact, you might as well head on down to K-Mart or Wal-Mart and add some more firepower to the collection. Turns out, in the week after the Orlando shooting Smith & Wesson’s stock prices have gone up 18.5%. I am sure Orlando is not the sole reason for the spike, but only a fool would believe it had absolutely nothing to do with it. Not convinced? Take a look at two other mass shootings in the US from last year, October 1st 2015 in Oregon 9 people killed, 20 wounded and within 2 weeks Smith & Wesson stock rose 13.2%. December 2, 2015, San Bernardino California, 14 dead and 22 wounded resulting in another 2 week 16.8% spike in stock prices. So there you have it in basic math, mass shootings = big profits and that is the simple reason that there will be no real changes in gun control reform anytime soon.

Profits > Human Life is the equation that should be of concern to everyone. Maybe it’s time to look beyond a document written in 1791 and focus on what needs to be done now. Hopefully before you or a loved one wanders into the wrong place at the wrong time. Just some thoughts from the Great White North.








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